No goal is too large or too small. The satisfaction comes in the achievement...you'll see.

If you WANT to reach for the stars and run a marathon or complete the parrish walk that is fantastic! But, getting a full night's sleep or picking up your child without pain are also goals you NEED to reach in order to get through the day. Our job is to help you.

Martin -
Thank you John for your help to enable me to be in top form on court.
Jen Dear John
Jen - Dear John
Quick note to say THANK YOU for your time, professionalism, expertise, and balanced view. Your summary was pitched just right and exactly what I was looking for.
Shelley 22h 47min 39sec
Shelley - 22h 47min 39sec
Thanks John, I got my finish!!!
Jack -

I can't believe I have suffered with left sided rib pains and sleepless nights before I came to you. You
"adjusted " my ribs and I have had a wonderful nights sleep. Why did I not come to you earlier! I wish I had.

Thanks again

Pam -
Just to thank you very much for the prompt response and detailed research you sent me. The information was exactly what I was looking for. Again, many thanks for kindly helping me out.
Joanna -
I can report that the orthotics are certainly doing the trick and I have been having no pain at all—so thank you! I'm running with no pain or problems.
Freya -
Following you treating Hughie on Thursday he walked partway down the stairs holding on to Woody and Buzz (not the rail). he did this twice and although it may not sound like much he has never done this before. He seemed to quite enjoy seeing you, he told his dad when he got home that 'the doctor crunched me' ha ha. He has since gone back to going down stairs sideways holding on and crawling up which i think is ingrained behaviour, so i'm encouraging him to walk up and down properly by holding his hand. I feel much more positive and relieved after bringing him in to see you as i was worried sick. i am going to try very hard to improve his diet. I've been giving him bolanaise with everything because its the only fresh meat he will eat and on Monday am going to see about booking him an eye test. i will give you a shout in a couple of months to make another appointment for him. Thanks for your help, so glad i brought him in. Freya
John Walking Holiday to the Isle of Man
John - Walking Holiday to the Isle of Man
I have been meaning to email for some time.

I came for treatment in May 2015 during a walking holiday to IOM. I was in pain when I arrived in IOM, and my second day I could hardly move.
I was very sceptical of chiropractic but my hotel and friends there with me insisted due to my condition.
To this day I'm not sure why I developed my bad back - which brought me to my knees during my vacation.

How ever after your treatment in May, when I crawled into your premises, I have to say I finished my vacation without any problem and I have been fine ever since.
I walk, play badminton, play golf etc etc do my normal thing.

So just to say thanks for your help during my visit to IOM.
I now recommend chiropractors !!!

Best regards and have a great Xmas
Paul -
John is a great man he makes you feel at ease and like the advert " does exactly what it ses on the tin " thanks for you help.
Ellen -
John was recommended to me by a friend and I have been really pleased with the outcome. John is professional, caring, friendly, informative and I have enjoyed excellent results.
Alex -
Fast, effective treatment. Cause of lower back pain was found in a few minutes, and within a few sessions of treatment I'm feeling much better. Thank you very much John, you're doing a fantastic job
Darren Gold Medalist, World Martial Games XIV, Dublin, August 2013
Darren - Gold Medalist, World Martial Games XIV, Dublin, August 2013
'John thanks for all your help'
Susan -
I've had both chiropractic and acupuncture treatment from John over the last few years and he has an amazing calm and lovely way about him which really helps you relax during treatment. I would highly recommend him to anyone, he is really great and certainly knows his stuff.
Beth - Actress
Beth: My dream is to have a career in dance and musical theatre. I was having some issues with my hips when going into splits and I was not able to be as flexible as I had wanted to be in certain dance exercises. John has improved my flexibility and my hips don't give me as many problems now, as long as I stick to my stretching and keep my appointments.
John is great and I have learnt so much about my body and its complexity - he explains everything and makes my appointments fun too. I would highly recommend him (as I have already).

Beth's Mom: I would thoroughly recommend John Dawson- he has been treating my daughter and has produced great results where others had failed. He is extremely informative and explains it in an easy to understand way. My daughter's dance teacher is very pleased with the results so far. We will continue to see John on a regular basis.
Debbie Barron TT Rider Team Oscar
Debbie Barron - TT Rider Team Oscar
"I am quite convinced I would not have the use of my left arm and shoulder to the extent that I do have today without the treatment I received from Dr John. To achieve a lifetime's ambition and actually be able to race and achieve the results we did...a big thanks has to go to Dr John W Dawson."
Charlotte -
Just had my first appointment with John, lovely guy really put me at ease, as was nervous about first adjustment! Feel better already and am looking forward to the next appointment. Thank you! Will definitely be recommending to friends, in fact I think my partner will be ringing up today to book in!
Russell - Parish Walk 2012
"6 weeks ago a knee injury meant I couldn't walk but thanks to you, John, I managed the full 85 miles!"

Russell has continued with treatment and has gone on to finish the Parish Walk three more times improving his personal best time every year!
Hazel Concerned Parent
Hazel - Concerned Parent
"My daughter was told recently that she had Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome following on from a Winter of Norovirus and perforated ear drums. Her GP wasn't very forthcoming regarding treatment and we were left to ourselves and what we could find online. After speaking to John he told us of the probiotics, fish oil and vitamin D supplements he used and thought it would most certainly help.

It has been approximately 6-8 weeks and my daughter is definitely on the right track. Her energy levels are coming back and she is coping with her busy dance schedule and school. Whereas she used to be almost impossible to wake in the morning and in a coma like state, I am happy to say the last three days she has awoken herself. For most people this would be hard to even understand but for us it is a real milestone. I would like to thank John for his advice, compassion and help over what seemed at the time to be a most awful situation that would affect my daughters future career."
Robbie Parish Walk 20:27:22
Robbie - Parish Walk 20:27:22
"Your treatment on my back worked."
Robert Nice Iron Man 14:37:15
Robert - Nice Iron Man 14:37:15
"Thanks John for all your help."
Paul Florida Iron Man  11:16:06
Paul - Florida Iron Man 11:16:06
"Couldn't have done this without you fixing my back for me and showing me the secrets of hamstring stretching."