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  • Dr. John Dawson
    Dr. John Dawson, DC, BS, BSc About Me

    Isle of Man Chiropractor


    Like most people I discovered chiropractic through injury. It is not until your daily lifestyle is directly disrupted that you start exploring all your options. Chiropractic care got me through that injury and back on the pitch. As I researched more and pursued a Doctoral degree in chiropractic I realized that the discipline was more than simply pain management. Make an appointment today and find out for yourself!

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  • Jessica Patterson
    Jessica Patterson, MFHST, ADipST About Me

    GOOD LUCK!!!

    We would like to give a message of thanks to Jessica for her many unforgettable years of service at the clinic.

    Jessica your professional and devoted approach to everyone who came through the clinic doors was second to none.  Good luck in your future endeavours and it was a pleasure working with you. 

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  • Dan Richmond
    Dan Richmond, About Me

    Richmond Performance & Massage

    We would like to welcome Dan Richmond to the clinic.  Dan is a certified sports massage therapist providing treatments for clients from a variety of backgrounds, including GP referrals, or athletes looking for recovery following intense fixtures or training periods. Dan's ability to provide one to one consultations and provide treatment options will only enhance the level of care provided at the clinic.

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  • 01/04/19
    Price Changes as of 1 March 2023, About Me

    The new price list is available on the SERVICES + PRICES and the PRODUCTS pages. Should you have any questions please feel free to contact the clinic.  

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  • GCC Registered

    New legislation has been drafted by the Department of Health in the Isle of Man which is set to be enacted in 2014. It will require any health care professional using the title of Chiropractor or Doctor of Chiropractic to be registered with the General Chiropractic Council (GCC). Please ensure your chiropractor is GCC registered to ensure ethical standards of practice and patient safety.

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Dr. John Dawson - Family Chiropractic

Getting you BACK to work, getting you BACK on the pitch, getting you BACK to being YOU!


Hazel Concerned Parent
Hazel - Concerned Parent
"My daughter was told recently that she had Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome following on from a Winter of Norovirus and perforated ear drums. Her GP wasn't very forthcoming regarding treatment and we were left to ourselves and what we could find online. After speaking to John he told us of the probiotics, fish oil and vitamin D supplements he used and thought it would most certainly help.

It has been approximately 6-8 weeks and my daughter is definitely on the right track. Her energy levels are coming back and she is coping with her busy dance schedule and school. Whereas she used to be almost impossible to wake in the morning and in a coma like state, I am happy to say the last three days she has awoken herself. For most people this would be hard to even understand but for us it is a real milestone. I would like to thank John for his advice, compassion and help over what seemed at the time to be a most awful situation that would affect my daughters future career."
Robbie Parish Walk 20:27:22
Robbie - Parish Walk 20:27:22
"Your treatment on my back worked."