Kids First

Posted on 27 September 2018 in by Dr. John Dawson
Dr. John Dawson

How do you be the healthiest version of you?  There isn’t a formula of fitness, nutrition, and meditation that will uniformly work for everyone.  You need to find out your strengths as well as your weaknesses, you need to find out what fits with your healthiest lifestyle and what is a part of your current lifestyle, and you need to know what habits are hindering your health and what habits are helping your health.

A lot of the work at this clinic goes into recognising habits that hinder health—whether it be posture, diet, or lack of exercise.  Some habits are twenty or thirty years old and need lengthy treatment programs to halt and reverse their effects; but, usually, that is not the case with children.  A six-year-old hasn’t had a desk job for twenty years, a ten-year-old has probably had more exercise during P.E in a month than some thirty-year olds have had all year, an athletic teenager is just starting to scratch the surface as to how nutrition can affect performance. 

Treating children and their nervous systems with regular chiropractic care encourages good healthy habits before the bad ones have even started.  And, because of the lack of bad habits, treatment sessions required are usually fewer with faster results.  Starting with the nutritional building blocks for your child to ‘construct their healthiest house’, encouraging physical activity along with academic learning, and regular chiropractic care give a child the opportunity to develop healthy good habits going forward.  When the bad habits present themselves, it is far too late for them to take hold as the healthiest version of you is already in place!