New Website

Posted on 26 March 2013 in Current Events by Dr. John Dawson
Dr. John Dawson

Welcome to the new webiste!  I am really happy to get everything going with the new web address and drag myself into the internet era. Unfortunately,  I am not responsible for the creation of these web pages, I simply decided that I needed to have a functioning website where I could interact more with people looking to learn about chiropractic.  After reading the General Chiropractic Council's (the UK governing body for chiropractic) most recent survey found, 'A third of patients found their chiropractor online.' I figured it was time to get my cyber-act together!  Hopefully, these blogs and the information provided will encourage people to contact the clinic to have their questions answered or visit the clinic to help improve their health.  A big thank you has to go out to all the people at DOTPERFORMANCE.COM.    Without their help this website wouldn't be a reality, I wouldn't be a blogger, and you wouldn't be able to contact me so easily with your questions.  Please check this blog on a regular basis as Jessica will also be contributing information on a wide range of sports therapy issues.  Enjoy the website and please feel free to contact either of us about anything on the website or something you don't see on the website that you think would be helpful.  I look forward to hearing from  you and receiving your feedback on what you think of!