Feet 24/7 Gait Scan Technology

Posted on 3 March 2014 in Current Events by Dr. John Dawson
Dr. John Dawson

The new hardware has arrived and the clinic has gone digital!!  Watching the way you walk can now be interpreted by the new gait scan technology and results can be transferred to a computer screen so you can see what I see!  

With all the Latin involved in anatomy, and all the technical terms for conditions and pathologies it's easy to get lost, and understand exactly what is happening.  The technology provided by Feet 24/7 allows you to see how you stand, if you are leaning to one side, if you sit back on your heels, if you balance on the balls of your feet. How you stand directly affects your posture.  The plate technology also converts information from pressure sensors to show you how you are actually walking.  Do you really have fallen arches?  Are you developing a Bunyon?  Are your calf muscles short?  Is your knee pain down to how you walk?  All these questions are answered after the computer analysis your Data.

A thorough history helps set the ground work for what to look for.  A physical exam helps to determine what signs and symptoms are present.  And now, a gait analyisis can back up those findings with a colour display.  

For the month of March exisitng customers can request a complementary gait scan at no cost.  Contact the clinic today to arrange your free scan.