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  • Dr. John Dawson
    Dr. John Dawson, DC, BS, BSc About Me

    Isle of Man Chiropractor


    Like most people I discovered chiropractic through injury. It is not until your daily lifestyle is directly disrupted that you start exploring all your options. Chiropractic care got me through that injury and back on the pitch. As I researched more and pursued a Doctoral degree in chiropractic I realized that the discipline was more than simply pain management. Make an appointment today and find out for yourself!

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  • Jessica Patterson
    Jessica Patterson, MFHST, ADipST About Me

    360° Injury Clinic


    My name is Jessica Patterson and I started my career in Thailand and studied in a Thai government accredited Thai massage course.  From then on I have furthered my career and am now a practising sports therapist.

    I offer a treatment that is varied in technique and can be relaxing or more problem specific.  I look forward to seeing you at the clinic soon.

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  • Macduff
    Macduff, EA About Me

    As you can see Macduff found chiropractic later on in life; however, he is a valued member of the staff.  You can find him at the clinic everyday working hard to provide people with a visual representation of how chiropractic is working.

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  • 01/04/19
    Price Changes as of April 1st 2019, About Me

    Unfortunately this is not an April Fools gag!  The new price list is available on the SERVICES + PRICES and the PRODUCTS pages. Should you have any questions please feel free to contact the clinic.  

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  • GCC Registered

    New legislation has been drafted by the Department of Health in the Isle of Man which is set to be enacted in 2014. It will require any health care professional using the title of Chiropractor or Doctor of Chiropractic to be registered with the General Chiropractic Council (GCC). Please ensure your chiropractor is GCC registered to ensure ethical standards of practice and patient safety.

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Dr. John Dawson - Family Chiropractic

Getting you BACK to work, getting you BACK on the pitch, getting you BACK to being YOU!


Jack -

I can't believe I have suffered with left sided rib pains and sleepless nights before I came to you. You
"adjusted " my ribs and I have had a wonderful nights sleep. Why did I not come to you earlier! I wish I had.

Thanks again

John Walking Holiday to the Isle of Man
John - Walking Holiday to the Isle of Man
I have been meaning to email for some time.

I came for treatment in May 2015 during a walking holiday to IOM. I was in pain when I arrived in IOM, and my second day I could hardly move.
I was very sceptical of chiropractic but my hotel and friends there with me insisted due to my condition.
To this day I'm not sure why I developed my bad back - which brought me to my knees during my vacation.

How ever after your treatment in May, when I crawled into your premises, I have to say I finished my vacation without any problem and I have been fine ever since.
I walk, play badminton, play golf etc etc do my normal thing.

So just to say thanks for your help during my visit to IOM.
I now recommend chiropractors !!!

Best regards and have a great Xmas